Welcome to South Fork Rod Company's web site. South Fork manufactures fly rods for the fishing enthusiast by David Redington. Please take your time browsing through the site and do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question.

South Fork fiberglass and bamboo rods are hand crafted starting at the rod blank or bamboo culm to the final product. Dave started making his own rods as a young man, graduated into making custom rods for others and moved into fly rods with REDINGTON rods. David was one of the original founders of the Redington Fly Rod Company in 1993. David is proud of the Quality, and Workmanship that goes into each rod. SEE LATEST ARTICLE in Progress & Innovation Magazine.

South Fork manufactures fiberglass and bamboo fly rods, builds custom rods, repairs rods.

TRADE-IN Program

Trade in your old, fishable, fly rod for a $50.00 to $100.00 CREDIT on a new rod. Send it to us and we will inspect and assign a trade in value. You can also contact us and we can give you an approximate value before you ship.


Since the suitability and "fit" of a rod can vary due to personal preferences, The South Fork Rod is honored by a 5 day assessment period. If the South Fork Rod does not meet your expectations, upon returning the merchandise to us undamaged, we will send you a complete refund less shipping cost.